Wednesday, December 15, 2004


(Official site for the band Scarcity Of Tanks. Last updated 18 October 2017.)

New album, Garford Mute, out now and available for purchase from Tedium House (San Francisco, CA).   Also, Matt's new band, Hidden Rifles, has finished their debut album. 

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Scarcity Of Tanks, a band started by Matthew Wascovich in 2004, has released eight albums from Total Life Society.


Scarcity Of Tanks - No Endowments
Total Life Society, TLS001 (2008)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Bleed Now
Total Life Society, TLS002 (2010)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Sensational Grade
Total Life Society, TLS003 (2011)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Vulgar Defender
Total Life Society, TLS004 (2012)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Fear Is Not Conscience
Total Life Society, TLS005 (2012)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Ohio Captives
Total Life Society, TLS006 (2012)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Ringleader Lies
Total Life Society, TLS007 (2016)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Garford Mute
Total Life Society, TLS008 (2017)


Total Life Society
P.O. Box 6592
Cleveland, Ohio 44101

Contact TLS: totallifesociety AT

Paul Hamann (22 March 1955 - 14 September 2017)

RIP Paul --- an unforgettable person. 

Click here and here to read about Paul's death.

Click here to listen to Stanislav Zabic's tribute to Paul on his radio show.

Click here to read about Ken and Paul Hamann's Suma Recording Studio in Tape Op magazine.

Scarcity Of Tanks at Suma Recording Studio - Painesville, Ohio - 2012 and 2013:

Left to right:  Matthew Wascovich, Paul Hamann, Rich Raponi, Andrew Klimeyk, Elliott Hoffman, Dave Cintron

Left to right:  Tom Herman, Scott Krauss, Rich Raponi, Matthew Wascovich, Steve Mackay, Andrew Klimeyk, Weasel Walter.

Are you clean from memory?