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[LAST UPDATED 15 August 2016]

Scarcity Of Tanks' Ringleader Lies album from Total Life Society will be available 15 September. Please order from Revolver USA distribution & Midheaven mailorder by clicking here.

Scarcity Of Tanks - Ringleader Lies
(Total Life Society, 2016, TLS007)


01. Over And Done
02. Feeling Warsaw
03. Oh Memory
04. Demolished Ernie
05. Tenderloin Submissive
06. Most Cunning
07. Cool It Conditioned
08. Melina Pedestrian
09. Trees
10. Torch
11. Casket
12. Into Your Activities
13. Beware The Drill
14. Northeast Kingdom Vermont
15. Mentor Screws
16. The New Creations
17. Psyche Hang-Gliding Accident
18. Open
19. Histamine Bunker
20. Shot From Behind
21. Marcy Havemeyer
22. Slowly Down Clifton

Dave Cintron - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, backing vocals
Nels Cline - electric guitar
Noah Depew - electric guitar
Doug Gillard - bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Gnarlos - electric guitar, violin, keyboard, electronics
Paul Hamann - bass, engineer
Andrew Klimeyk - electric guitar
Pete Mazich - organ
John Petkovic - electric guitar, piano, backing vocals
Scott Pickering - drums, electronics, percussion, vibraphone, xylophone
Lee Ranaldo - electric guitar
Rich Raponi - electric guitar, bass
Sebastian Wagner - bass, electronics, synth
Matthew Wascovich - vocals
Tom Watson - electric guitar
Mike Watt - bass
Norman Westberg - electric guitar, 12-string guitar

Album engineered by Paul Hamann at Suma Recording Studio with artwork by John Moloney.

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Scarcity Of Tanks is a band started by Matthew Wascovich in 2004 and has released six albums from Total Life Society.


No Endowments - Total Life Society, TLS001 (2008)
Bleed Now - Total Life Society, TLS002 (2010)
Sensational Grade - Total Life Society, TLS003 (2011)
Vulgar Defender - Total Life Society, TLS004 (2012)
Fear Is Not Conscience - Total Life Society, TLS005 (2012)
Ohio Captives - Total Life Society, TLS006 (2012)
Ringleader Lies - Total Life Society, TLS007 (2016)

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