Monday, March 1, 2004


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Matthew Wascovich's new book of drawings, Watching You, from Textile Records:

Purchase book from Texitle Records (Paris) by clicking on here.

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24 pages fanzine printed in A5, stapled, Risograph paper.

The latest album:

Scarcity Of Tanks 
Dissing The Reduction
(Total Life Society, TLS013, 2019)

A1/1: When We Disappear (2:55) 
A2/2: I Wish I Could Care (1:41)
A3/3: Jacket (4:18)                    
A4/4: Legit Prick (2:15) 
A5/5: Raider Hits The Grass (4:43)
A6/6: Doing Time In My Dome (1:39)
B1/7: Torpedo 4:07    
B2/8: Sleepless (2:04)
B3/9: Magnolia (3:48) 
B4/10: Thief's Market (2:06) 
B5/11: Looking Rough (3:14)
B612: Ordinary People (4:12) 
C1/13: Crushing The Androids (2:47)
C2/14: Gentlemen On Junk (3:29)  
C3/15: Slang Pro (3:30) 
C4/16: Centered In Outlaw (3:11) 
C5/17: Counter Productive (3:28) 
C6 /18: Sacrifice Your Third Eye (2:12) 
D1/19: Residents Of The Force Field (10:08) 
D2/20: River Rat Knows Chemistry (7:29)  
D3/21: Many Moods (2:00)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Dissing The Reduction is its tenth album and features Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers) - bass, engineer, guitar, keyboards, saxophone; Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls) - guitar; Dennis Callaci (Refrigerator) - guitar; Nels Cline (Wilco) - guitar; Don Depew (Flaming Telepaths) - guitar; Jimbo Easter (Druid Perfume) - artwork; Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices) - guitar; Don Godwin (Impractical Cockpit) - bass; John Talley-Jones (Urinals) - bass; Ulrich Krieger (Text Of Light) - saxophone; Raul Morales (Mike Watt And The Missingmen) - drums, percussion; Caleb Mulkerin (Big Blood) - bass, guitar; Nate Scheible - drums; Matthew Wascovich - vocals, percussion; Tom Watson (The Red Krayola) - guitar; Mike Watt (Minutemen) - bass; and Norman Westberg (Swans) - guitar. 



Scarcity Of Tanks, a band started by Matthew Wascovich in March 2004, has released ten albums from Total Life Society

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Scarcity Of Tanks - No Endowments
(Total Life Society, TLS001, 2008)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Bleed Now
(Total Life Society, TLS002, 2010)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Sensational Grade
(Total Life Society, TLS003, 2011)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Vulgar Defender
(Total Life Society, TLS004, 2012)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Fear Is Not Conscience
(Total Life Society, TLS005, 2012)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Ohio Captives
(Total Life Society, TLS006, 2012)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Ringleader Lies
(Total Life Society, TLS007, 2016)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Garford Mute
(Total Life Society, TLS008, 2017)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Hinge
(Total Life Society, TLS010, 2018)

Scarcity Of Tanks - Dissing The Reduction
(Total Life Society, TLS013, 2019)

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